Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blogging for Business and Self!

Hello, my name is Johnny Bryan Giles and I am a professional business consultant, business plan and presentations writer, social media strategies, published author and blogger! I have a new book out titled - Social Media "How To's" that work! - and it is a very good read full of strategies and techniques to get yourself and your business exposure online! You can buy it in full color paper back by clicking this image below!


As a consultant I offer a wide range of services outlined in this flyer below and if you click the flyer you will be redirected to my primary site!


I love blogging and feel it is a powerful way to spread your message to a very large online audience! Here are just some of my blogs!

I also love using video to promote myself and my business!

Blogs allow you to share videos and html ad code like the flyer shown above that when clicked onto redirect others to a new site of your choosing!


We custom design WordPress blogs and I coach my clients on custom designing their own Blogger blog like this one! If you would like to explore my services or want to simply dialog about what I can offer you then please contact me anytime!

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